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Future Alumni

Make Lifelong Connections

With more than 40,000 graduates, Herzing University alumni are growing strong. Your Herzing education stays with you long after graduation, supporting your career progress and providing you access to a network of motivated professionals. That's why we're working hard to create a Herzing Alumni Association chapter at each of our campus locations.

Join today and stay connected to your fellow alumni and the Herzing experience.

  • Network with peers, current students, faculty, and fellow alumni.
  • Be a mentor or share your story with current students.
  • Serve on a curriculum advisory committee or on the Herzing University Online President's Council.
  • Support education in your community through events at your Alumni Association chapter.
  • Make a gift and help future students realize their dream of a college degree.
  • Subscribe to the Herzing Alumni Newsletter

For more information, please contact the Herzing Alumni Association or call Amy Chastek at 866-508-0748 x859.

Alumni Success Stories

Students come to Herzing for our career-focused programs, convenient scheduling, and caring faculty. Alumni stay connected for the very same reasons and more. Our alumni report increased job opportunities and income, as well as career advancement in cutting-edge fields.

Have a success story of your own to share? Tell us at

Make the wave of the future YOUR future!

Alternative and renewable energy sources are growing in popularity out of both environmental concerns and necessity. Get in at the forefront of this exciting field by becoming a wind energy technician.

In just 12 months, you’ll be prepared to operate, fix, and test the electrical technology used in harnessing wind power. First, you will take classes online to learn the science behind wind energy, electricity, and the components of a wind turbine. Then you will apply your new knowledge hands-on by working on commercial wind turbines during a two-week boot camp at a Suzlon training facility. Classes start April 28, so you can prepare to enter this new career field right away!

Check out the program now online or call 1-866-508-0748 to learn more about this cutting-edge career!

Make a Gift

As an alumni, you already know first-hand the lifelong personal and professional benefits of a Herzing education. You also know that going to school is an important investment in time and money. At Herzing, we're committed to providing an affordable, career-focused education to students wherever they are in life. But we can't do it alone.

Support the Herzing Educational Foundation today. Your gift will support the Foundation in its mission to provide Herzing students with scholarship opportunities and funding for community projects.

Contact the Herzing Educational Foundation for more information on how you can help future students realize their dream of a college degree. Every gift matters. Give online now.

Get Involved

In addition to financial gifts, you may also support Herzing in other ways.

  • Be a mentor or share your story with current students.
  • Serve on a curriculum advisory committee or on the Herzing University Online President's Council.
  • Support education in your community through events at your Alumni Association chapter.

For more information, please contact the Herzing Alumni Association or call Amy Chastek at 866-508-0748 x859.

Alumni Services

As a Herzing University graduate, we want you to experience the same caring service and support you did as a student. Whether you’re learning how to write a great resume or researching potential employers, our career development team can help you stay ahead of the competition.

For more information on how you can take advantage of our alumni benefits and services, please contact the Herzing Alumni Association or call Amy Chastek at 866-508-0748 x859.

Alumni Support Center

Need help with student loan repayment? The Alumni Support Center is a free service here to help you navigate the process of repaying your student loans.

Alumni Benefits

Library Services

Library Resources and Services

A variety of library resources and services are available for students in both on-campus and online Herzing programs.


  • All students, at campuses and online, have access to dozens of extensive research databases which include thousands of journals, magazines, images, e-books, newspapers, transcripts, and multimedia. These electronic resources are available 24x7 via an Internet connection at home or on-campus.
  • Campus libraries have supplemental collections including books, periodicals, and multimedia, as well as facilities for study and research.


  • A team of professional librarians work with students regarding reference questions and use of the electronic and print resources.
  • Librarians are available via toll-free phone, email, chat, and more.
  • Faculty members work with librarians to match library resources with the research resources needed for assignments and research projects.
  • Information literacy skills are integrated with the curriculum so students can develop their ability to work with resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Research collections, guides, tutorials, and other materials are available to students.

The librarians support development of independent learning skills by offering research information and assistance for both focused and general research.

Alumni Support Center

Need Help with Student Loan Repayment? Contact the Alumni Support Center!

A FREE service from Herzing University! Our Alumni Support Specialists will work to help federal student loan recipients successfully navigate the process of repaying their student loans. We do our best to:

  • Get you on the best repayment plan for your situation
  • Assist you in getting payment amounts lowered if they are too high
  • Provide options for postponing payments if you become unable to make them
  • Provide information so you can contact your lender or loan servicer
  • Assist with appropriate loan consolidation, forgiveness and discharge
  • Help resolve student loan default and reinstate eligibility for federal student aid
  • Answer any questions you may have about student loan repayment

We are not here to judge any person or situation, but rather to promote your success!

Contact Alumni Support
Phone: 1-866-508-0748 x01353
Fax: 414-238-2736


Many student loans are being moved to new servicing agencies; watch for mail from them to make sure you know where to make payments. Call the FSA Loan Locator Line at 800-621-3115 or visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at to view your student loan details and make sure you don’t accidentally lose track of them.


Sallie Mae has recently split into two separate companies, Navient and Sallie Mae. Navient will handle all of the federal loan servicer responsibilities previously performed by Sallie Mae. For more information about the split:

You are also welcome to check out these cool tools for managing your federal student loans:

To receive the best service possible, please make sure to update your contact information with Herzing University any time you change your mailing address or phone number!

For Employers

Herzing University has a rich history of working one-on-one with individual employers. Whether it is assisting them in finding a qualified graduate to hire or meeting the training needs of their employees, Herzing has been working alongside the business community for 45 years.

Resources for Employers


Click here for an exclusive look at candidate resumés and to post positions, or request to hold a hiring event on campus.

How Herzing can be your partner for employee development

Herzing University’s broad range of career-related programming partnered with flexible and convenient learning options ensures that employers are able to develop their employees and meet their training goals.

This unique alliance partnership between education and industry brings with it many benefits:

  • Customized training and education for employers with specialized competency requirement
  • Affordable educational offerings that meet the needs of today’s employer
  • Contracted education rates for employer partners
  • Direct input into the curriculum and offerings provided by the University by participation in advisory boards and special employer forums
  • A community partner that is invested in the vitality and growth of the communities we life, play and work in

For more information on partnering with Herzing University to meet your training needs please contact the Business Development Team at 866-508-0748, ext 233 or contact your local campus’ Career Development Director.

Why you should hire a Herzing grad

Herzing University has a rich history of working one on one with individual employers, assisting you in finding a qualified gradates to hire or creating internship programs to bring experimental learning to your organization. We pride ourselves on the readiness of our graduates and the preparation for the workplace with our career focused educational programming. All throughout the learning experience, Herzing students and graduates are taught skills to increase their employability and career-specific subject matter as well as the importance of being a good citizen and community member.

Employers who have hired Herzing graduates:

  • Are impressed by the up-to-date skills prep Herzing students receive
  • Appreciate that Herzing grads have already ‘learned the industry ropes’ of their occupation as a result of being taught by highly trained and credentialed professionals with industry-specific work experience
  • Have utilized the opportunity to offer insight into their needs as an employer, thereby directly affecting the curriculum and course offerings provided by the University
  • Say they are immediately productive as employees and have a hard-working, positive attitude

For more information on hiring a Herzing University graduate, contact your local campus’ Career Development Director or email

Horizon Campus - Sri Lanka

Herzing University and Horizon Campus in Columbo, Sri Lanka have created an affiliation to provide U.S. degrees to Sri Lankan students.

Sri Lankan students can take online bachelor's and master's programs right from the comfort of their homes in Sri Lanka or choose to study abroad at one of Herzing University's campuses in the U.S.

In Person Support

While taking online courses in Sri Lanka, students can attend optional tutoring sessions at Horizon's Campus in Columbo.

Career Programs

Bachelor of Science students can complete the Herzing University bachelor's degree programs in a little as three years. Click here to find out about accelerated programs. MBA students can complete the program in just one and a half years. Sri Lankan students will be fully integrated into the Herzing University system, allowing any student to spend as many semesters as they wish studying in one of Herzing University’s many U.S. campuses.

MBA Degrees

The Master in Business Administration programs prepare students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for management positions in various business enterprises, with a concentration of courses in business management. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, finance, business administration, sales, marketing, human resources, information systems, and production or operations for the existing or emerging manager. The program includes the application of theory and practice, and case studies are emphasized throughout all courses. Graduates of Herzing University’s MBA degree program will be able to apply their knowledge to any field, including finance, marketing, healthcare, education, manufacturing, industrial, insurance, nonprofit, and hospitality industries. Students can choose from four MBA concentrations:

  • MBA in Business Management
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Technology Management

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Business Management with a Concentration in Business Administration - This degree prepares students with a generalist approach to management education by providing the skills and knowledge for entry-level general management training positions. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivables, business administration, human resources, and hospitality.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies - Students gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities, functions, and challenges of today’s entrepreneurs. Students will take classes to increase their knowledge and understanding of the importance of entrepreneurial law, social responsibility, product development, and innovation. The goal of the program is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to start a small business or develop an existing business upon graduation. By the end of the program, students should be able to develop a comprehensive business plan, which includes a well-constructed financial and marketing component.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in International Business - The roles and strategies of businesses in a global environment will be examined. Students will be equipped with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for entry-level positions in international companies. Areas of focus in international business include marketing, banking, finance, economics, exporting, importing, cultural protocol, and foreign language. Students will learn the social, cultural, legal, political, and technological barriers to international business and understand international trade and investment opportunities while demonstrating how to manage international business affairs.
  • Business Management with a Concentration in Marketing - Study of the complex relationship between markets and customers and the practical and theoretical skills needed to market a product in a competitive business environment are covered in this program. The core components of the marketing program concentration are advertising, marketing on the internet, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing strategy, new product development, international marketing, professional selling, and sales management.
  • Graphic Design with a Concentration in Print Design and Graphic Design with a Concentration in Web Design- These degrees prepare students with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a wide range of positions in graphic arts. The curriculum is focused on designing and producing work for print, the web, television, cinema, multimedia, and digital entertainment. This degree enables students to specialize in topics appropriate for an entry-level position in interactive and graphic arts.
  • Information Technology with a Concentration in Network Management - and Information Technology with a Concentration in Security Technology - Students in these programs will be prepared with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a range of positions and careers in the administration and management of information technology. The curriculum is focused on designing, implementing, and supporting solutions to business problems in the general categories of information technology, information management, and business communications. The program keeps pace with changing technology by offering courses that focus on emerging technologies.
  • Software Development with a Concentration in Computer Programming - This degree prepares students with the necessary academic knowledge and technical competencies required for a range of positions. The curriculum is focused on designing, implementing, or supporting computer application solutions to problems in industries such as business, government, and health information management.

Learn more

Contact Horizon Campus for more information about earning an online U.S. Herzing University degree in Sri Lanka; study abroad opportunities at one of Herzing University's many campuses in the U.S.; and more.
Hotline: +94-718 622 727

In the U.S., please contact Matthew Schneider at +1-414-908-0276 or email

Brookfield - Tuition & Financial aid

Financial Aid Steps

To begin the funding process, please complete the following steps:

Complete FAFSA

  1. Register for a PIN - Go to: This PIN will act as your electronic signature for your online financial aid documents.
      -  If you have never created a PIN select 'Apply for a PIN'
      -  If you already have a PIN but can't remember it select 'Request Duplicate PIN'
      -  Once your PIN is created or retrieved, select 'Display Now' from the drop down box in order to view your PIN immediately
  2. Complete the current year's FAFSA using your most recent federal tax information – You can fill this form out online and submit it with your PIN. Please remember to add Herzing University's school code to your FAFSA (School Code: 009621).

Additional Documentation

Once your file has been submitted to our Financial Aid Department your FAFSA may be "Selected for Verification" by the Federal Government. If you are selected, you will be asked to supply additional documents. In order to complete the process in a timely manner, we highly recommend having the following documents ready for submission:

  • Federal Tax Forms (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) – A copy of your most recent Federal tax forms (and your spouse's or parent's if applicable) directly from the IRS. Please call the IRS Tax Transcript Request Line at 1-800-829-1040 (fastest service) or go to
  • W2's – Your most recent W2's (and your spouse's or parent's if applicable).

Complete Entrance Counseling

  • Before any school can disburse your Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized), regulations require that you complete an entrance counseling session. The counseling session provides information about how to manage your student loans, both during and after college.
  • Go to
  • To Select Herzing University Brookfield Campus as your school, click on the 'Add a School' button in Step Three.
    If you type in 'Herzing', a number of locations will pull up. The Brookfield Campus OPE ID is 009621 and the associated city is Madison, WI. Please be sure to select the proper school, or it will not appear in our records that the Entrance Counseling has been completed.
  • Print or save the confirmation page for your records.

Complete the Master Promissory Note

  • The Master Promissory Note (MPN) is your agreement to pay back any student loans taken out on your behalf.
  • You will need your PIN number to complete the MPN.
  • Please go to: and select 'Sign In'. Enter your personal information and select 'Sign In', verify that your information is correct and then provide your email address. Select 'Complete Master Promissory Note' then select 'Subsidized/Unsubsidized'. When asked for the school select Herzing University Madison Campus. Follow the directions as prompted and when you are done print or save the confirmation page for your records.

Enrollment Fee

  • This is a $50 fee ($125 fee for Nursing students) that can be paid online. You can also pay on campus using cash, money orders, or certified checks (no personal checks)

If you have any questions, please call the Brookfield campus at (262) 649-1710 and ask for Financial Aid.