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Join the admissions staff at the Orlando campus to learn about earning a Physical Therapist Assistant degree. Call 407.478.0500 to RSVP.

Monday, December 16, 2013 - 18:00
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 11:00
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 18:00
Monday, January 27, 2014 - 11:00
Monday, February 10, 2014 - 18:00
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 - 11:00

Orlando - Career Programs

Earn a Degree

Earn a bachelor’s or associate degree from more than 50 programs in technology, business, healthcare and public safety.

Our hands-on coursework, individual attention, and experienced faculty provide the support and real-world skills you need to get ahead in today’s competitive job market.

Orlando - Undergraduate Programs

C = Program offered at least partially on campus (core courses); O = Program offered fully online

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Accounting O
Business Management With No Concentration O
Business Management With a Concentration in Business Administration O
Business Management With a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies O
Business Management With a Concentration in Human Resource Development O
Business Management With a Concentration in International Business O
Business Management With a Concentration in Marketing O
Business Management With a Concentration in Project Management O
Health Information Management O
Healthcare Management O
Homeland Security and Public Safety With No Minor or Concentration O
Information Technology With No Concentration O
Information Technology With a Concentration in Network Management O
Information Technology With a Concentration in Security Technology O
Legal Studies O

Only the Herzing University paralegal programs at New Orleans and Atlanta are approved by the American Bar Association. The Herzing Legal Studies program offered online is not approved by the ABA.

Nursing C
Nursing—Bridge to BSN C
Software Development With No Declared Minor or Concentration O
Software Development With a Concentration in Computer Programming O
Technology Management O

Associate and Associate of Applied Science Degrees

Criminal Justice O
Health Information Management O
Information Technology O
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist O
Nursing C
Nursing—Bridge to ASN C
Physical Therapist Assistant C
Radiologic Technology C
Software Development O

Diploma and Certificate Programs

Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting O
Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist O
Patient Care Technician C
Practical Nursing C

Advance Your Career

Take one of our continuing education non-credit courses and certification programs to improve your job opportunities and performance.

Flexible Learning Options

Our innovative career programs provide flexible learning options and convenient scheduling to meet busy students wherever they are in life. Attend one of our 11 locations in eight U.S. states, earn your degree online, or take a blended approach. No matter what your educational goal, Herzing University can help you achieve it.

Welcome to Herzing University in Orlando!

Pat EdwardsWe are a healthcare-focused campus with disciplines such as Nursing (ASN and BSN), Physical Therapist Assistant, Surgical Technology, Health Information Management, and Clinical Medical Assisting for you to choose from.

Our faculty is deeply committed to our students, and has pledged to excellence within the classroom. Overall, the school's faculty strives to provide a challenging education, often combining classroom instruction, laboratory practice, and clinical or workforce experience.

With the appropriate practical skills, critical and intellectual thinking abilities, knowledge of the world, and a strong sense of personal ethics and civic responsibility, our graduates have ample opportunities to be successful within their career profession.

I invite all prospective students to find out more about our programs through the website or an information session at the campus. Opportunities are available for you to meet the faculty and current students to ask questions about the school and program of interest.

At Herzing Orlando, we define success as preparing our graduates for rewarding careers.

Pat Edwards, MN, RN
Academic Dean

Orlando Crime Rates and Security Information

This information is provided as part of Herzing University’s commitment to safety and security and is in compliance with the Federal Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.


Campus policies regarding the reporting of criminal actions and emergencies: Herzing University students and employees will report all observed criminal actions and bona fide emergencies to the University Campus President/Director.  In his/her absence, they should report to the Academic Dean. If necessary, the administrator will contact the emergency response unit of the local police by dialing 911. The administrator to whom the crime or emergency is reported will make written notation, including names, date and time of the reported incident and will remain on duty to assist the police in establishing details of the incident reported. Further, the University Campus President/Director will maintain a file of such reported incidents and will endeavor to learn of and note the conclusions. In the absence of both the President and the Academic Dean, reporting of criminal actions, and/or emergencies to the appropriate authorities should be undertaken directly by the employee or student who has either been victimized or has observed an alleged criminal action.

Campus policies concerning law enforcement: It is the established duty of all Herzing personnel to promptly report criminal incidents to the senior administrator present when a reportable incident occurs. Likewise, students are to be aware of campus law policies and are expected to report possible infractions immediately. Herzing University maintains a working relationship with our local police department.  Students are counseled at the beginning of each term to report all crimes as suspected or observed.

Campus policies concerning security personnel: Some Herzing University campuses employ campus security personnel. The role of campus security is to deter crimes from occurring on or near campus property. Any crimes that do occur on campus should be reported to campus security immediately. Campus security will document the incident and contact local law enforcement if necessary. Herzing University campus security has a working relationship with local and state law enforcement, but does not have any formal agreement for the investigation of alleged criminal offenses.

For campuses without campus security personnel, all crimes that occur on campus should be reported immediately to the Campus President or another Director on campus. If a crime occurs while campus security or the Campus President/Director is unavailable, please contact the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately. Students, staff and faculty involved in or witness to a crime are encouraged to give accurate and immediate information to campus security and the appropriate law enforcement agencies for all reported crimes.

Campus policies in regards of awareness: Herzing University conducts new student orientation each term for all new students. This orientation includes information about on-site security and crime awareness. Employees are informed of crime reporting policies, campus law and crime statistics at the time of their employment and are given updates yearly. Further, all students are counseled in drug awareness as a condition of Herzing’s eligibility to participate in Title IV financial assistance programs. Herzing University has no specific program designed to inform students and employees about the prevention of crimes, with the exception of those described above and occasional seminars from outside authorities.

Campus policies with regard to facilities access: The University building premises are managed by Herzing University. These premises are considered off limits to all but those members of the general public who have specific business concerns or relations with Herzing University. Therefore, all unidentified visitors may be challenged for purpose of visit at any time by members of the Herzing University staff and administration. Visitors deemed as intruders will be reported to the University Campus President and/or the Police Department when a staff member is not able to cause the unauthorized individual to vacate the University property. Students, staff, and faculty are urged to report intrusions immediately to members of the administration.


Not applicable for students, staff or faculty at a distance. For students, staff or faculty on site: Herzing University commits to immediately notify the campus community of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of those on campus, unless the notification at that time will compromise efforts to assist victims or contain the emergency. Notification of such events will be communicated to students and staff by means of email, text messages, telephone calls or any other form of effective communication. Emergency information will be disseminated to the larger community by campus security, the Campus President or a Herzing University Director.

Emergency response and evacuation procedures are tested annually. Each campus conducts their own annual emergency response and evacuation procedures test and documents the details of this test. Upon request, written documentation of our annual test will be provided at the campus level. Please contact the campus front desk to obtain more information about a specific campus’s annual emergency response and evacuation procedure test. If evacuation from the school is necessary due to an emergency, please follow the posted evacuation procedures.


The cooperation and involvement of students, faculty and staff is absolutely necessary. Every individual must assume responsibility for their own safety and the security of their property by following simple precautions and operating with common sense.


It is the policy of Herzing University to provide a positive environment which is conducive to learning. The unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school property or in connection with any school activity is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies to all employees and students. Violation of these provisions by a student may lead to the imposition of a disciplinary sanction, up to and including suspension or expulsion. Herzing University employees are also subject to disciplinary sanctions for violation of these provisions occurring on University property or the worksite during work time, up to and including termination from employment.

For those students who choose to use alcohol, Herzing University encourages students to drink responsibly. Consuming alcohol has many risk factors and can lead to dependency. With excessive use, liver, brain, heart, and stomach destruction can occur without apparent symptoms. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States. For help with alcohol dependency or related concerns, go to


Carrying or bringing firearms, knives, handcuffs, or weapons of any type is strictly prohibited. If this policy is violated, the police will be called and the offender escorted off school premises. Student or staff offenders may be terminated, suspended, or put on probation at the discretion of the administration.


Sexual Assault Prevention: Staff and students are urged to be cognizant of situations which might put them in danger of sexual assault, such as walking out to dark parking lots by themselves, waiting in an unlit area for public transportation by themselves or even working alone at the University late in the evening. In particular, female staff members and female students should not work by themselves at the University and should travel in groups as often as possible when going to public transportation or going to their automobile. Any staff member who is aware of a situation which could give rise to the risk of sexual assault should bring the situation to the attention of the University Campus President.

Sexual Harassment: Herzing University wishes to strongly indicate its opposition to sexual harassment and identify the complete procedures available to victims whether staff members, employees or students as well as disciplinary penalties which could be imposed for sexually harassing conduct or behavior.


  • Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature where tolerance of such actions is made a condition of employment, or which interferes with an individual’s work performance or simply creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive University environment. It can include harassment between employees, between employees and students and between students.
  • The creation of an intimidating, hostile or offensive University environment may include such actions as persistent sexual comments or the display of obscene or sexually oriented photographs or drawings. However, conduct or actions that arise out of a personal or social relationship and that are not intended to have a social relationship effect and that are not intended to have a discriminatory employment effect or discriminatory grading or treatment effect in the event of students, may not be viewed as harassment. (The University discourages staff from seeking or becoming involved in relationships with students that exceed normal and usual educational relationships developed to promote the instructional process.) The University will determine whether such conduct constitutes sexual harassment, based on a review of the facts and circumstances of each situation.
  • The University will not condone any sexual harassment of its employees or students. All employees, including supervisors, managers and students, will be subject to severe discipline, up to and including discharge, for any act of sexual harassment they commit.
  • Employees or students who feel victimized by sexual harassment are encouraged to report the harassment to the University Campus President. If the University Campus President is the source of the alleged harassment, the employee should report the problem to the President of the Herzing University system. Twenty four hours after reporting the harassment to the University Campus President, the person filing the complaint must provide a written account of the incident to the President. The President will give a preliminary report to the complainant within one school day after receiving the written complaint and, in general, will inform the complainant and the accused of the University findings and possible actions within seven days.
  • University Campus Presidents who receive a sexual harassment complaint should carefully investigate the matter, questioning all employees (or students as appropriate) who may have knowledge of either the incident in question or similar problems. Both the complaint and the investigative steps and findings should be documented as thoroughly as possible. As much as possible, confidentiality will be maintained with respect to a sexual harassment complaint and only those who need to know about such a complaint will be advised of its existence. In the interest of being able to investigate the complaint in an unbiased atmosphere as possible, the person filing the complaint and the accused person shall not discuss the matter with Herzing students or Herzing personnel not involved in the incident other than the staff person doing the investigation.
  • Employees or students who are dissatisfied with the University Campus President’s resolution of a sexual harassment complaint may file a complaint with the President of the Herzing University system. No employee will be subject to any form of retaliation or discipline for pursuing a sexual harassment complaint.

Procedures to be Followed when Reporting Offenses

  1. When an alleged sex offense occurs at the University or the accused is a student or employee of the University, students or employees of the University must report such alleged sex offenses directly to the University Campus President, or if the alleged offense involves a University Campus President, directly to the President of the Herzing University system.
  2. The University Campus President, upon request of the alleged victim, will notify law enforcement officials.
  3. The University Campus President will refer the alleged victim to appropriate counseling services, depending upon the nature of the offense.
  4. The University Campus President will carefully investigate the matter, questioning all employees or students who may have knowledge of the incident.  Both the complaint and the investigative steps will be documented as thoroughly as possible. As much as possible, confidentiality will be maintained with respect to the sex offense complaint and only those who need to know about such an incident will know of its existence.

Sanctions for Sex Offences

Aside from criminal penalties that employees or students may be subjected to for sex offenses, the University may take action based upon its own investigation of alleged sex offenses, and based upon the conclusion of its investigation may do one of the following to an alleged offender:

  • Suspension for a period of time. In the event of an employee, the suspension may be with or without pay.
  • Termination.
  • Other disciplinary action.

Available Options in Living and Academic Arrangements

The University maintains no housing for either employees or students. Consequently, any change in living arrangements which would be desired by an alleged sex offense victim must be the responsibility of that individual. However, the University will assist students who are seeking alternate housing by providing recommendations or a source of appropriate housing recommendations.

An alleged victim will have an opportunity to request assistance in changing their academic situation. Possible alternatives include:

  • Changing instructors.
  • Changing to a different academic schedule if available.
  • Withdrawal.

Disclosures to Alleged Victims

Herzing University will, upon written request, disclose to the alleged victim of a crime of violence, or a non-forcible sex offense, the results of any disciplinary hearing conducted by the college against the student who is the alleged perpetrator of the crime or offense. If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, Herzing University will provide the results of the disciplinary hearing to the victim’s next of kin, if so requested.

Herzing University - Orlando

In compliance with Public Law 102-26, the following information on crimes is reported for your review.

Murder /Non-Negligent Manslaughter000000000
Negligent Manslaughter000000000
Forcible Sex Offenses000000000
Non-Forcible Sex Offenses000000000
Domestic Violence******000
Dating Violence******000
Aggravated Assault000000000
Motor Vehicle Theft000000000
In addition to the above crimes, the following numbers of arrests were made for these specific violations:
Liquor Law Arrests000000000
Drug Law Arrest000000000
Illegal Weapons Possession Arrests000000000

OC - On Campus Property, NC - Non-Campus Property, PP - Public Property
There were no reported hate crimes for the years 2011, 2012 or 2013.
* Data not reporting in this category for this year, in accordance with federal law.

Information on Crime Statistics Preparation and Reporting
The University prepares this report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. The procedures for preparing the annual disclosure of crime statistics include reporting statistics obtained from the local police departments and non-police officials at each campus (Campus Presidents and Academic Deans). For statistical purposes, crime statistics reported to any of these sources are recorded in the calendar year the crime was reported. All of the statistics are gathered, complied and reported to Herzing University and posted on the Herzing University website.

Each year, an e-mail notification that provides the web site to access this report is sent to all enrolled students. Faculty and staff receive similar notification emails. Copies of the report may also be obtained from the campus. All prospective employees may obtain a copy from Human Resources.

Herzing University nursing students participated in the community-wide back-to-school bash that took place at the Citrus Bowl stadium on Saturday, August 10. Over 30,000 people were in attendance to receive school supplies, hair cuts, and more in an effort to prepare children for the oncoming school year. HU nursing students volunteered to administer vaccinations and conduct health screenings. This was the 8th annual back-to-school event, which is organized by Hope Now International.

Orlando - Continuing Education - Professional NCLEX-RN remediation course

Course Name: Professional NCLEX-RN Remediation
Contact Hours/CEU's: 204 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: None
Course Type: Classroom: Lecture, Discussion, Practice Questions, Exams, Skills Lab; Clinical: Assigned Medical/Surgical Unit with Preceptor

Course Description

The Florida Board of Nursing has since expanded the Remedial Course for Nurses who have let their license lapse. New graduates from an RN program seeking a review course may also attend. The RN Review/Remediation Course combines both theory and clinical experience to assist the student in applying the nursing process and essential skills to clients experiencing alterations in their health status. The focus of the course will be a review of standard curricula for nursing programs including universal principles of nursing care management, legal and ethical issues, maternal child and pediatric nursing, psychiatric and mental health nursing, pharmacology, adult health and critical care. The course reviews the structure and scoring of the NCLEX-RN as well as suggestions for preparation and test-taking strategies. Clinical emphasis is placed on the management of clients in a medical/surgical acute care setting. This course complies with Florida Board of Nursing approved remedial courses.

  • Evaluative testing will be incorporated to determine strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Objectives:


  1. Utilize the fundamentals of nursing care, with an emphasis on the nursing process, nursing diagnosis, and the nursing care plan.
  2. Identify basic client needs for nutrition, safety, comfort, activity, and rest.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking in the utilization of current nursing evidence to plan and implement care for a diverse population of clients across the health continuum.
  4. Discuss concepts related to the delivery of nursing care for children and their families in a variety of settings, including items on nutrition, pharmacology, and interpersonal relationships during growth and development.
  5. Identify nursing care measures regarding normal and abnormal physiological and psychosocial changes occurring during pregnancy and in childhood.
  6. Describe concepts of nursing care of the childbearing family, including normal events of the childbearing experience, common health problems of mothers and infants, and intrapartal complications.
  7. Discuss the appropriate care of adult clients and their families, including prevention and health promotion, early detection, care management, health maintenance and restoration.
  8. Identify psychosocial aspects of healthcare.
  9. Describe the nurse’s role in providing care to adults experiencing alterations in fluid and electrolyte balance, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurosensory, endocrine, and integumentary systems.
  10. Discuss care concepts related to mental health nursing, including principles of therapeutic communication and psychopharmacology.
  11. Analyze pharmacological properties of medication administration, including dosage calculation, principles of medication administration, pharmacological actions, and therapeutic and adverse effects of medications.
  12. Utilize critical thinking skills and the nursing process in setting priorities, delegation, assignment, and leadership.
  13. Demonstrate understanding of general health assessment and physical examination techniques used to evaluate the health status of adults and children.
  14. Utilize critical thinking to examine legal, ethical and cultural problems in nursing care and societal health.
  15. Discuss strategies used when answering NCLEX questions.
  16. Identify ways to prepare for the NCLEX exam.
  17. Describe creative studying strategies that can enhance learning.

Skills Lab:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in performing fundamental, moderate, and advanced skill in the clinical learning lab.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of pharmacological principles and sound nursing judgment through the safe administration of medication.
  3. Demonstrate skill in data collection methods: Interviewing, observation, and physical examination.


  1. Demonstrate safe and appropriate professional nursing behaviors consistent with legal and ethical standards and nursing scope of practice.
  2. Utilize appropriate and effective communication skills with clients, families, and staff.
  3. Utilize critical thinking and nursing knowledge to plan nursing care.
  4. Demonstrate competence in the professional nursing role, providing optimal care to clients with increasingly complex medical-surgical self-care deficits across health care settings.
  5. Evaluate response of the patient to nursing care using specific, measurable outcomes.
  6. Assume responsibility for professional growth and development by establishing a working contract with a clinical preceptor in a selected practice area.
  7. Communicate in a caring, accurate, effective, and timely manner with adult clients, their significant others, and members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team.


The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis (based on 76% as the minimum passing grade.

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