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Monday, Sep 30, 2013

ABK Inductees

Herzing University Online is proud to announce our recent Alpha Beta Kappa inductees. The fact that an individual is elected to membership in this honor fraternity sets her or him apart as an exemplar of personal integrity and excellence. It is the uncommon person who qualifies for membership in Alpha Beta Kappa.

Melinda Baker Joycelyn Jenkins Julie Neville Maria Rissell
Amanda Craddock Jesse LaGrew Heather Newsome Deborah Ruffino
Bethany Escue Phillip Mayfield Matthew Noll Amanda Smeraglia
Trisha Feitshans Melissa McCarthy Jill Petten Frankie Stephens
Abe Figueroa Kelley McChargue Daniel Pulliam Jane Yerkman
Richard Hattenburg Sandrya Moore Angela Rice Travis Zeman
Jessica Hawk Irene Morris    

The Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society recognizes superior student academic achievement at many private postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges, and universities throughout our nation. It is the mark of distinction for an institution to be awarded a Chapter of Alpha Beta Kappa.

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