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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013

Angie Chyzy

After graduating from Herzing University with a Diploma in Medical Billing and Insurance Coding, I went out for my first job interview with Montgomery Radiology Associates (MRA). My education was mentioned and when I told them that it was an online program they were a little weary of what they were getting. Ultimately, I got hired but not for the billing position I went for; it was a low grade data entry job. However, as I continued my education with Herzing through the Associate and then the Bachelor’s program, MRA started to realize what kind of graduate they could get from online universities. My education over the next few years dramatically impacted my knowledge and understanding of the business and it did not go un-noticed. As I finished my program and decided to sit for the Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification, I was beginning to stand out. Becoming certified was probably one of the most exciting and influential parts of my education, and I am now a certified RHIA specialist for MRA. My education has opened so many doors and it would not have been possible without Herzing. MRA has had a first look at what Herzing has to offer and they now recommend career colleges and online universities. MRA has grown with exceptional leaps and bounds to accept and respect online programs and they now would be one of the first to hire a graduate from Herzing University.

Angie Chyzy

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