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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013

Brian Kennedy

Before Herzing, I was in a transitional period, moving from Pittsburgh to Madison. I wasn't content with what I was doing in my career. I began to look at schools that would help me realize my dream. A friend who was attending Herzing University told me it was the best place to go for game design. There is a community there, he told me, and Herzing could help with getting into the industry. I scheduled a visit. Right away I knew it was the right place.

I got much more out of Herzing than I expected. I was able to develop relationships with industry professionals, make connections with people and companies, and secure business partnerships. I’ve been able to start my own company and help others with their careers and future ambitions.
What I liked best was even after graduating, Herzing was concerned with what I was doing with my life. People wanted to help me reach my goals. I felt that the teachers were straight shooters and really honest. There was a sense of concern for my goals and my life. Since graduation, I have started 608games, a video game company that promotes growing talent and prepares them for the industry. I garnered tons of support from staff. I've been able to take what I learned and apply it in real life situations.
Brian Kennedy
Bachelor of Science in Game Development

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