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Master of Business Administration: 39-credit program

Special Admissions

Students must have a bachelor's degree with a major in business or a related discipline to be admitted to this MBA program. Students without a bachelor’s degree in business or a related discipline must enroll in the Master of Business Administration in Business Management (MBABM) program.

Program objectives

Upon completion of the Herzing University online MBA degree program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Successfully manage, interpret, validate and act on information both internal to the organization and from its external environment
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and written
  • Establish and work within a budget
  • Demonstrate self-discipline, motivation and creative thinking skills in the analysis of business problems and development of solutions in new situations
  • Examine and implement ethical strategic and operational business solutions while working in cross-functional collaborations and integrated teams
  • Analyze financial data
  • Analyze organizational, operational, ethical, legal, and managerial issues affecting the attainment of an organization’s goals
  • Utilize general knowledge of technological systems used in business applications
  • Manage projects from development and implementation to testing and results evaluation
  • Facilitate planning and strategy sessions
  • Apply creative, analytical and practical business solutions to the issues relevant to successful organizational operations


Graduates of Herzing’s online MBA degree program will be able to apply their knowledge to any field, including the finance, marketing, healthcare, educational, manufacturing, industrial, insurance, non-profit, and hospitality industries.

Master’s degree graduates typically use their credential to advance in the field in which they are currently working. Below is a list of sample career titles, most of which require an MBA and related work experience.

  • Manager, Financial & Planning Analyst
  • Sr. Marketing Operations Manager
  • Sr. Project Leader
  • Project Controls Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Sr. Business Analyst


A minimum of 39 semester credit hours is required for graduation, depending on whether the student has transfer credits or waived courses due to prior equivalent coursework.
MBA Courses and Descriptions
All courses, 30 semester credit hours, are required. The remaining 9 credits will be taken from electives.
Course NumberCourse NamePrerequisiteCredit Hours
MBA 600Leadership and Organizational BehaviorMBA 540 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 606Research and Decision MakingMBA 530 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 615MarketingMBA 540 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 621Financial and Managerial AccountingMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 626Information Systems and TechnologyNone3.0
MBA 631Operations and Project ManagementNone3.0
MBA 639Managerial EconomicsMBA 530 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 645FinanceMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 690Strategic PlanningMBA 520, MBA 530, and MBA 540 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 691Graduate Capstone ProjectFinal semester3.0
A minimum of 9 semester credit hours are required.
Course NumberCourse NamePrerequisiteCredit Hours
Accounting Concentration Courses
MBA 655Advanced AuditingMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 656Accounting Information SystemsMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 657Advanced TaxationMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
MBA 658Advanced Managerial AccountingMBA 520 or prior relevant coursework3.0
Business Management Concentration Courses
MBA 520Finance and Accounting for ManagersNone3.0
MBA 530Economics and Statistical AnalysisNone3.0
MBA 540Management and MarketingNone3.0
MBA 610Health Policy and ManagementMBA 6063.0
MBA 638Managing Organizational PerformanceNone3.0
MBA 652International BusinessNone3.0
Healthcare Management Concentration Courses
MBA 610Health Policy and ManagementMBA 6063.0
MBA 663Health Insurance and Managed CareNone3.0
MBA 664Healthcare AdministrationNone3.0
MBA 665Healthcare Information ManagementNone3.0
Human Resources Concentration Courses
MBA 610Human Resources ManagementNone3.0
MBA 611Compensation and Rewards ManagementNone3.0
MBA 636Training and Development in OrganizationsNone3.0
MBA 638Managing Organizational PerformanceNone3.0
MBA 641Business and Labor LawNone3.0
Project Management Concentration Courses
MBA 646Contract and ProcurementNone3.0
MBA 647Advanced Project ManagementMBA 6313.0
MBA 648Project Cost and Schedule ControlMBA 6313.0
MBA 671Project Management in TechnologyMBA 6313.0
Public Safety Leadership Concentration Courses
MBA 610Human Resource ManagementNone3.0
MBA 623Public Safety AdministrationNone3.0
MBA 624Resource Management for Public SafetyNone3.0
MBA 638Managing Organizational PerformanceNone3.0
MBA 647Advanced Project ManagementMBA 6313.0
Technology Management Concentration Courses
MBA 671Project Management in TechnologyMBA 6313.0
MBA 672Information Security and PrivacyNone3.0
MBA 673Systems Analysis and DesignNone3.0
MBA 674Technology and InnovationNone3.0

PDF icon Disclosure Methodology

The information below reflects aggregated data from all of the Herzing University campuses that have students enrolled in the specified program in the specified time period. The information does not reflect data regarding individual campuses unless only one campus had students to report. The reporting period used to obtain this data was 7/1/2012-6/30/2013. If there were less than 10 graduates in a program, median loan debt and on-time completion data were not disclosed for that program to protect the privacy of those students. Tuition and length may vary by campus location. Ranges could not be input for tuition and length, therefore tuition and length reported are the highest tuition rates and longest program length to encompass all campuses. For information regarding specific campus tuition please refer to . For a more detailed description of how the data was calculated please refer to the Disclosure Methodology located here .

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